FSSAI Registration, FSSAI License in Coimbatore:

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As per the norms of India, any individual or an entity starts a new business should obtain a food license or a registration from the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). The rules and regulations of FSSAI has been implemented by the ministry of health and family welfare, government of India. It ensures that the safe and healthy products are consumed by human so it sets safety standards to regulate the manufacturing, distribution and storing of the food products. For the public health, it conducts a regular check-up to know the products quality and standards.

Why FSSAI and know its importance:

FSSAI plays a vital role in formulating the controlling procedures to maintain the food quality levels to make sure about the safety and the satisfaction of the consumers. It provides the right measures to eliminate the hazardous and the toxic elements which are present in the foods, thus gives the assurance of food to the consumers.

The most important thing is the product's reliability which is considered as the largest asset for the food authorities. Packaging of the product itself speaks the quality to the customers and about the food safety standards.

Generally food safety standards differ from one food article to another. The fundamental goal is to implement the required measures for each and every food type in order to keep the basic focus on public health. There are so many adulterations, fraud, malpractices, misleading claims and other practices which double cross the consumers must be strictly prohibited.

Categories of FSSAI food licenses in India:

There are three categories of food licenses in India, they are as follows:

Basic FSSAI Registration / License:

The small sized or petty food business operators like transporters, distributors, retailers, marketers or marketers should acquire a basic fssai registration /license /license /license which has been issued by the state government. Minimum validity period for this registration is one year and a maximum time is 5 years. This is mostly taken by the units having an annual turnover less than 12 lakhs. The Food Business Operator (FBO) can either fall on this category or state fssai license.

State FSSAI license:

This will be applicable for those who is having an annual turnover of more than 12 lakhs up to 20 croreslike small to medium sized transporters, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, marketers can obtain this license which has been issued by the state government. The validity period is minimum 1 year and a maximum of 5 years.

Central FSSAI license:

Food business operators who have a turnover greater than 20 crores like large manufacturers, exporters, importers, operators in the central government agencies, seaports, airports etc are need to obtain a central food license which has been issued by the central government. Food business operators are asked to obtain the central license for their head office if they are operating in more than one state. The minimum time period is one year and a maximum time is 5 years.

Required Documents for FSSAI License and Registration:

FSSAI Registration / License:

FSSAI state license:

For the manufacturers, re-packers and re-labellers:

If it is a partnership firm, partnership deed and KYC are required.

If it is a pvt ltd company, MOA, AOA, and all the directors KYC are needed.

For the distributors, wholesalers, retailers, marketers, suppliers, hotels, restaurants, caterers, transporters, cold storage:

If it is a partnership firm, partnership deed and KYC are required.

If it is a pvt ltd company, MOA, AOA, and all the directors KYC are needed.

FSSAI central license:

If it is a partnership firm, partnership deed and KYC are required.

If it is a pvt ltd company, MOA, AOA, and all the directors KYC are needed.

Procedure For Obtaining FSSAI License and Registration:

License Renewal:

It is very important and equivalent as like FSSAI license. The FSSAI license needs to renew within its validity period. If any business personnel or young entrepreneur aspires to start a new business in the food industry like manufacturing, processing, packaging or distribution are required to file a FSSAI along with the renewal in every one to five years.

To make the process easier, get a proper assistance from the professional expert for fssai license, which can be done in 4 easy steps:

Effect of Non-Compliance:

As per the FSS act 2006, any licensed or registered person need to follow the rules and regulations. Generally, food safety officers conduct the inspection of the FBO’s facility which identifies the level of compliance along with the regulation by using the checklist. Based on the compliance level, the food safety officers categorised it as:

As above mentioned, the food safety officers may or may not issue the improvement notice if required (as per the sec 32 of the FSS act 2006). If any of the business operator fails to comply with the improvement notice, the officers can cancel his/her license after issuing that. Any FBO who is resentment by an improvement notice can appeal to the state commissioner of food safety.

Penalty for non-compliance:

S.no Types of non-compliance Fine
1 Sub-standard food 5 lakh
2 Misbranded food 3 lakh
3 Food quality not in compliance with the act 2 lakh
4 Irrelevant matter in food 1 lakh
5 False description or misleading advertisements 10 lakh
6 If fails to comply with food safety officer direction 2 lakh
7 Unhygienic processing or manufacturer 1 lakh