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Barcode is nothing but a machine readable code which is in the form of rectangular or square image with a series of parallel white spaces and black lines in different widths by set of algorithm. In order to have a quick identification, barcodes have been applied to the products. It is one of the best ways to encode information in a visual pattern that a machine could read. Most widely, they are used in retail stores as a purchase process, used in invoices to assist the accounting, and it can track the inventories etc.

The global entity which manages and standardizes barcodes across India is GS1 (not for profit organization) by the ministry of commerce and industry. It was first established in 1996 and it sets the standards and manages the barcode standard which is used by manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. Around 2 million companies across 20 industries like transport and logistics, retail and consumer package goods, healthcare, food, government etc. are worldwide using the GSI system of standards. This is the organization who controls the issuance of barcode which can be scanned anywhere in the world.

Barcodes are widely used in retail supply chain management and most of the retail stores throughout the world are using barcode system for identification of the product and its management. With the arrival of new industries, there is a need for the products and its varieties. Due to the tremendous growth of different products, the number and frequency in supply chain manually doing its operation is a difficult one. There, we need a quick and precise identification of the products in the supply chain which is mainly for the development of barcode.

Why we need barcode?:

Barcode technology has become so widespread and its offers numerous benefits in this business world. With the basic equipment and readily available scanner, we can use barcode technology to improve the speed, efficiency, accuracy without higher expense. Benefits are as follows:

Types of barcodes:

Based on the industry and its purpose, barcodes has different categories. They are as follows:

EAN/UPC barcodes: (Instantly recognizable and most widely used barcode)

GS1 Data bar barcodes:

One dimensional barcodes: (used in general distribution and logistics):

Two dimensional barcodes:

Documents Required for Barcode Registration:

Barcode Registration Process :