Trade License:

Each and every business organization is required to obtain a trade license from the regulators like Municipal Corporation or the state government. It is very important to avail the government benefits which are introduced to promote trade and commerce.

The objective of trade license is very simple; it is a certificate of permission for trading to the applicant in a specified field or area. This one allows the traders to commence their business effectively. If a business is sold or otherwise transferred from one person to another, a new trade license is required to continuing the operations. This clearly indicates that trade license is not transferable.

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Benefits of Trade License:

Documents Required for Trade License:

Penalty for non-compliance:

Trade License Renewal:

The validity of the trade license has been issued by the municipal authority for a period of 1 year and it has to be renewed every year. The renewal application has to be made within 30 days from the date of expiry. If the renewal process got delayed, then the fine amount has to be paid as per the rules and regulations of the issuing authority.