Legal Metrology Certificate

In our daily life, we use many things as a matter of habit without realizing its importance of measurements. In each and every activity we do some kind of measurements that are involved in inaccuracy and any variation may lead to fatal incidents and consumers may get deceived in any ways. Thus legislation on measurements and measuring instruments are with an objective of providing the guarantee from the point of view of accuracy and security in measurement. This would ensure the protection of the rights of consumers both in commercial services and transactions which are delivered through weights and measures.

Legal metrology generally deals with the measurement units, its instrument and techniques used for the measurement. The objective of this is to assure the public security and provides the measurements accurately which acts as a strong weapon for consumer protection. It plays a vital role in technological, scientific and industrial advancement of any nation and it strengthens the national economy.

The legal metrology act establishes and enforces the regulations and standards of weights and measurements or any aspects which are incidental to the same. There are so many rules have mentioned under the act but one of the major part of the act is about packaged commodities.

For the maintenance of fair trade practices and the protection of consumer’s rights, the act defines the rules regarding packaging of goods. It also outlines the standards regarding weight and measurement of packaged goods. In the act, what and how the declaration has to be made on the packaging is mentioned.International scope of legal metrology has been divided into three broad categories of commercial transaction, industrial measurement and public health and safety measurements.

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Functions of Legal Metrology:

Accuracy and precision measurement plays a vital role in day to day life. An efficient and a transparent legal metrology system inspires our confidence in industry, trade and consumer which brings harmonious environment for conducting the business by way of

The work which is performed by the legal metrology is vital to the public interest. Legal metrology director is a statutory authority with powers and responsibilities prescribed under the act, 2009 relating to the inner state trade and commerce of weights and measures that includes pre-packaged commodities.That director is also responsible for establishing the standards of legal metrology and maintains the traceability of standards relating to legal metrology. The main responsibilities of the directors are in the nature of regulation, enforcement and research, regulations and enforcement functions to take over the searches, technical field inspections, seizures, registration of offices and launching the prosecutions. The enforcement of legal metrology laws has done by the state government by the controller of legal metrology and other metrology officers as per the provisions of act.

Why legal metrology is important for packaged goods?

Many commodities such as vegetables, flour are manufactured, purchased and sold then why we do packaged goods requires legal metrology certificate?

Unpackaged goods do not need legal metrology since the weighing is done before the consumer. The seller’s or manufacturer’s identity is well known to the consumers or buyers. If it is packaged goods, the identity of the manufacturer is not known. There are so many middlemen between the final consumer and the manufacturer. It is quite difficult to find the actual person who is responsible for disagreement in quantity and quality. The freshness and safety of the packaged goods are also unknown.

The legal metrology act makes sure that the end consumers have all the important information about the packaged goods like weight, expiry date which makes the buying decision with more clarity.

What are the packaged goods are covered under the rules?

The basic provisions that we use in our daily life are applicable to the packaged goods. But, certain provisions are applied to some goods only. For instance, chapter 2 of the act applies to the packaged goods which only meant for retail sale. This chapter is not suitable for goods which are meant for industrial and institutional use directly from the manufacturer such as company buying snacks items in a large amount to distribute among employees. The commodities or goods which are more than 25kgs or litres in weight (50 for cement and fertilizers) are exempted from retail laws.

Why we need legal metrology act registration for the business?

There are some specified rules and regulations are in legal metrology act which is related to selling and distribution of packaged products. This act also provides the guidelines to be followed during the exporting and importing of goods. If you want your business for a long run, you are required to setup a consumer and buyer right protection system and if we want to establish a protection system then we need to comply with the act which describes the legal metrology and measurement system.

If you don’t follow the norms which are prescribed in the legal metrology and measurement system, then there is a chance that you might face heavy punishment. This would affect your brand image and the growth of your business.