Shop and Establishment License

Shop and Establishment Act license in India has authorized by the state government in order to regulate the conditions of the employment and the workspace. All the shop and establishment is required to register itself under the act within a period of 30 days of the beginning of the work.

This is actually made to control the long periods of work, instalment of wages. Leave, occasions, terms of the administration and other work status of the individuals in the shop and business establishments. This act is regulated by the department of labour who direct the premises if any trade, business or calling been completed. It also manages the working hours, opening and closing hours, shut down days, national and religious events, yearly leave, maternity leave, additional time work, sickness leave etc.

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Required Documents for Shop and Establishment License:

Procedure for Shop and Establishment License:

It is mandatory that any shops and establishments are required to obtain the registration under the shops and establishment act.