MSME Registration:

Our Nation’s economic development is not only depends on the multi-national companies and large industries but also by MSME sector (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). The developing country like India is mostly dependent on agriculture and the related industries for its economic growth. MSME can be considered as the heart of the economy.

In order to provide support and creating the accountability to the small enterprises in India, MSME been launched. It is an official body which promotes the MSMEs through the MSMED act. The Indian government has provided lot of benefits like subsidies and incentives to the enterprises which come under the MSMED act.

By registering your business under MSMED act, it offers several benefits. Those enterprises will cover under the central and state govt schemes. It facilitates the business owners to get awareness about the new schemes. The main benefits of this are easy access to business loan, eligibility to apply for government loan, etc.

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