The Fssai is the main authority who is responsible for regulating and supervising the food safety. It is the must one for the food business operators to obtain the food license. People may end up in confusion that what kind of businessman should obtain the license. Fssai has some set of standards for the foods in order to regulate the storage, distribution, manufacture, import and sale to ensure about the safe of the food which is consumed by many people. Fssai authority is also responsible for creating an information across the network so that the consumers, public etc could receive the reliable and accurate information about the food safety and hygiene related issues.

Types of food license:

Based on the scale of operation and the nature of business, food license will be categorized into three different types. They are as follows:

Fssai Central license: Food Business Operators(FBO) such as large manufacturers, importers, operator in the central government agencies, export oriented units, airports, seaports etc need to obtain a central food license. The annual turnover must be greater than 20 crores and the maximum tenure of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

State license: Food business operators from small to medium sized manufacturers, transporters, storage units,retailers, marketers, distributors need to get the fssai state license. This license will be issued by the state government and you must have your business in only one state. The annual turnover should be more than 12 lakh .The maximum tenure of the license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

Fssai basic  registration :

This will be applicable for the food business operators like petty food manufacturers and the small sized manufacturers, transporters, retailers, marketers, storage units and distributors etc required to obtain the fssai registration. It is also issued by the state government. As per the nature of the business and its turnover,fbo can either take registration or state license. The units must have an annual turnover upto 12 lakh. The maximum tenure of this registration is 5years and the minimum is 1 year.

Eligibility of food registration:

FBO(Food Business Operator)

FBO’s who have yearly turnover within 12 lakh are required to apply for basic food registration. In this category, small scale operators who are working in a single area, region, town or city needs to be registered under Fssai basic. This registration certificate need to be applied to the state where the business is based. The eligibility terms to obtain basic certificate as follows:

  • FBO like distributor, wholesaler, supplier, distributor, retailer, hawker, canteen, food vendors, hotel, dhaba, restaurant etc with an annual turnover upto 12 lakh.
  • Retailers who sell food items with limited functions.
  • Petty producers manufacturing by itself.
  • Businesses which is involving in selling food at a social or religious gathering other than a caterer.
  • Production or processing units of vegetable oil by the process of refineries including oil expeller system.
  • Dairy units who is involved in collection, procurement, handling and chilling of milk having a capacity not more than 500 litres per day.
  • Slaughtering capacity should be not more than 2 large animals, or 10 small animals, or 50 poultry per day.

State license:

The important criteria for applying state license is that annual turnover of your business should be between 12 lakh to 20 crores. You need to apply fssai state license to the state government where your business is based in. some of the rules to be kept in mind for this license, they are as follows:

FBO like wholesaler, distributor, retailer, food vending establishments, club, canteen, restaurants with an annual turnover from 12lakhs to 20 crores.

Storage capacity must be less than 50000 metric tonnes yearly.

Dairy units which may include chilling units with a daily limit to handle or process from 500 to 50000 litres.

Slaughtering capacity must be more than 2 and upto 50 animals, or else the capacity to handle more than 10 and upto 150 small animals or the daily capacity should be more than 50 and upto 100 polutry birds.

All food processing units including repackers with a daily capacity should not less than 100 kg/litre and upto 2 metric tonnes.

Central food license:

In this category, FBO’s annual turnover must be greater than 20 crores. There are some other factors to be considered, i.e 100% export oriented units, operators liked with central government and related agencies and importers. When the FBO’s operating one ore more branch of restaurants or food joints need to apply for central food license. If the FBO’s operating in 2 or more states need to apply for one central license for its registered head office and separate license or registration for all branches as per the eligibility standards. Some of the food businesses are mentioned below to apply for FSSAI central license.

  • FBO’s like retailers, restaurants, distributors and suppliers with an annual turnover of more than 20 crores.
  • Manufacturing and processing units of vegetable oil with a capacity of over2 MT per day.
  • Canteen, club, and other food vending establishments with having more branches in one or more state with an annual turnover of Rs.12 lakh.
  • Wholesalers who have an annual turnover not less than 30 crores.
  • 5 star rated hotels.
  • Food production or processing export oriented units.
  • Importers who import food ingredients or additives.
  • Caterers who is working under central government or some related agencies such as airlines, railways, seaport, defence etc.
  • Storages with a capacity more than 50000 MT.
  • Dairy units along with chilling units with a capacity to handle or process 50000 litres per day.
  • Slaughtering capacity of over 50 large animals or more than 150 large animals or more than 1000 poultry per day.
  • All food processing units which may include repackers  with a capacity of over 2 MT per day.
  • All FBO’s involved in producing an item of food, ingredients or its additive using some new technology or process and or combination.

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