How to register for fssai license in India

Are you the one who needs to register for the fssai license, if yes, this article is for you? Let’s learn the interesting facts about FSSAI and the urgent need for this license, and as well the registration process.

The charisma provided through a delightful meal isn’t always to be undermined. However, the meals we eat need to meet the overall protection and hygiene requirements. 

Considering the fact, it’s miles considerably essential that the meals served at any bounds or the meals that the food industries offer or any kind of supermarkets need to maintain the hygiene on their food products.

Simultaneously the retail stores need to preserve the necessary protection and hygiene requirements. Therefore It could satisfy the food safety laws and principles. 

In India, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is framed for the duties to maintain the food safety principles withinside the country. 

This article is not only to tell about the FSSAI registration process but also to tell the difficulties of getting the FSSAI license in the country of India.

Before getting into the subject, we must know the complete meaning of the FSSAI, then only you will get a clear understanding of the FSSAI, and how to register it.

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What is FSSAI?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India – this is an of the FSSAI abbreviation.

The term Food safety and standards itself explains this act is completely for the people’s food safety.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a system set up for the Food Safety and Standards Act, in 2006.

Moreover, this act is a combination of numerous laws and standard principles relating to the diverse food sector. 

This system has been set up with the motive of maintaining the food safety standards on the eating products.

In the same vein to maintain control of the various sectors that are involving in the manufacturing department, distributing, to preserving the food product.

This system is also for importing/exporting meals. And also to make sure the supply of secure and healthful meal to the peoples in India.

What are the document files are in need to register for FSSAI license?

If you are applying newly for the license, then the FORM B application needs some important documents, therefore the responsible person needs to sign the application.

The prototype of the processing unit, the details of the industry partners and all the related member’s details is must.

The address details with proof, and as well the bacteriological report to detect the quality of the food product.

The MoA, AoA, and NOC are also necessary, and in contrast the details of the raw materials and also the supporting files, documents also compulsory.

A short view of required documents

The following are the required files for the basic FSSAI License:

  • The Food Business Operator must have the photo identity
  • And the deed of the partnership
  • A well-defined prototype of food safety.

 Application applying steps

There are some steps that are in need for applying the application and also to register for it

  • The first step you have to verify is whether you are eligible to apply or not, it will be detected bypassing some criteria.
  • If you are an eligible applicant, then you will be approved for the license registration.
  • There are different types of licenses are there and it will vary depending on the range of the turnovers.
  • Basic, State, and central are the three types of license 
  • Fill the application of FORM A, then fill in all the required fields on that page.
  • After finishing application form A, enter the login details and finish filling the Form B.
  • The applicant registering process continues once they complete their payments for the license registration.

Follow these steps to register for it.

Some essential steps when you register for fssai license

In the FSSAI license, the very essential thing to consider is the time duration of issuing a license,

If your license is not issued without 60 days, then the applicant can start their work instead of waiting for the acknowledgment.

The FSSAI License is introduced by the government as an act in 2006, its motive is to deliver safe food and food materials to the peoples.

It is compulsory that everyone in the food business needs this license.

The food material manufacture, or the storage & packaging industry, or even the small-scale food operators need this FSSAI license.


It is the responsibility of every food business operator to get the FSSAI license in India. And when you are applying for the license, give your correct details, and check it. Make sure it is accurate. It helps when you register.

Moreover, you will receive all the license processing status to your contact number, e-mail ID, so that make sure that your contact number, mail Ids are in working status.

You will get a unique ID number after applying for the license. However, this ID is a requirement for proceeding with further steps and processing, so know your ID.

If you need to expand your business, like if you need to open your branch hotel in another state, then you need to apply for the central license in the main office.

But the requirements differs as per the application demands therefore, the basic and state licenses differs as per the business criteria.

The address providing for the central license is very important because the importers receive the License as per the import-export code address

If you are having a single industry but producing a variety of products, then there is no need for multiple certificates, the single certificate is enough.

Moreover, don’t forget to add the food processing details in the FORM you are applying for.

The government of India has always prioritized food safety. They have created FSSAI registration for all types of food business operators in India in order to maintain certain standards for the protection and safety of the public’s health.

We’ll let’s learn more about the

Important aspects to register for FSSAI license in India

There are different types of food businesses are there in India, and as well there are different types of food licenses are there in India, the state, basic and central licenses are the three types.

When a Food Business Operator (FBO) reaches a certain turnover, he or she must obtain a food license. 

The food license requirement differed by determining the intensity of the organizations and the category of business operation that the food business investors involved in.

The government authority will only accept your application after you have submitted all of the necessary documentation for an FSSAI license.

There are a few types you can register for FSSAI license in a detailed view

1. FSSAI Basic Registration: Petty food business operators must have this form of registration. This is the basic License. And also called basic license for FSSAI. It is only for businesses with a turnover of less than Rs. 12 lac per year. 

Almost all petty shop owners, international traders, and short-lived shop owners come into this group.

2. FSSAI State License: This license is issued by the state. This state license is in need for everyone who is doing food business in India with a yearly profit of between Rs. 12 Lakhs to 20 Crore. 

An FSSAI State Manufacturing license or an FSSAI State Trading license both licenses have a similar title on the turnover.

3. When it comes to trading the food, processing the food materials, or keeping storage of food products within a specified range of limits is state over by-laws, 

a Central license is essential for any food business with a yearly profit of more than Rs. 20 crore.

The amount of price needed for FSSAI license

The price of an FSSAI certificate relies on the type of license that is issued to the food operators. The annual FSSAI registration fee is as low as 100 INR (for the basic FSSAI registration)

The FSSAI registration fee ranges from 100 INR per year (for the simple FSSAI registration) to 7500 INR per year (for the advanced FSSAI registration) (for the FSSAI Central License).

The amount that food operators need to pay to get the fssai license are ,

Registration with the FSSAI costs 100 INR per year. Registration with the FSSAI for a state license costs between 2000 and 5000 INR per year.

7500 INR per year for FSSAI Central License Registration

The FSSAI License’s Validity

An FSSAI license will last anywhere from one to five years. The licenses are normally extended once a year after the license fee is paid.

Why to educate restaurants to get the FSSAI license ?

Yes, they need to have the license of their business, because

Entrepreneurs or the restaurant running peoples, know the important objective of the FSSAI License. 

They know that the FSSAI License plays the most legal services for the business.

 TheFSSAI License helpful for many purposes.

Awareness for getting a license

FSSAI is a framed format that defines the standards of the food materials. 

In recent days, people are aware of the fssai standards and the need for the fssai logo to have in every food packages they buy or eat.

FSSAI cases have frequently mentioned in the papers, news, and television, even there are some delisted misfunctional restaurants also there.

An FSSAI registration stamp then serves as an origin of authority and controlling quality for a restaurant, and also in enhancing its brand reputation.


The need for the fssai license is very must to run any food business like restaurants, food packaging, and marketing, etc…

So it is an essential one in the Indian country, moreover, this is a simple process to get register with fssai, and get the license.

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