FSSAI Registration – A complete overview for you.

Is FSSAI Registration is needed for the food business, why it is considered very important for the food business in India?  What is FSSAI? let’s learn more about this. If you are the one who needs to know the full details about the FSSAI, well you have come to the right place.

The FSSAI means Food safety and standards authority of India. This FSSAI act was initiated in the year 2006.

The intention of this act is that the people of India should get only safe food and food materials. Therefore, the food providers or the food business operators, all must have the FSSAI License with them…

What is mean by the FSSAI?

The FSSAI is the standard license. Therefore, all food operators need to have this license to run or start the food business. This FSSAI system was proposed to deliver safe and as well healthy food to the peoples.

However, this registration system is framed to all the peoples in the food business like manufacturing, delivering, or the hotel, restaurants.

They all need to register on this process.

Therefore, they all must have this food safety license with them. Let’s deep drive and learn the complete detailed process of the FSSAI license system in India.

A complete FSSAI overview

The FSSAI license can be done simply with the online process.

In this article , you will get the complete overview of the process

The Entrepreneur or anyone in the job related to the food from the manufacturing to the food trading, all have to do get the FSSAI License.

The FSSAI auditors the food business among the act of 2006, they analyze it and if satisfied, then you will get the FSSAI license.

Why the FSSAI is required?

The registration of FSSAI is essential to make sure the food products are harmless. The authority of India issues this food safety license/certificate. The FSSAI license is essential for any kind of food business in India.

When the food business or food operators have fssai license on their food products, the people will trust them, moreover, it creates the standard trust in the food materials.

Benefits of FSSAI

The benefits of FSSAI are huge, you need to know the complete details, it is very important to provide the standard foods to all the peoples.

The FSSAI creates trust among the people. It makes sure the quality of food product, so its defines the standards of the food.

The license for the food issued by the government is the FSSAI. So all the peoples who involved in the business of food must have the FSSAI.

Creates awareness

This century peoples are more careful about the quality of the food, they check the food quality before buying it, the recent study shows the consumers care more about the food quality and standards.

The getting of an FSSAI process is a simple process, the getting of FSSAI license is not an expensive process, moreover, the cost of getting the FSSAI is less than that of paying the penalty amount.

As many of the business owners think that it’s too expensive of getting the license, but it actually simple. So, it’s important to get a Food safety license before starting a new food business.

Builds trust

When you got the license from the FSSAI, it creates trust among the audience, the FSSAI adds value to your food product, it specially haves a separate number that needs to be stamped in the package of the food items.

The logo of the FSSAI defines the quality of the product. So if as a business operator, if you need to creates trust among the audience, then you can create trust.

Helpful for business

In an aspect of the food business, the FSSAI role is high, because in case to extend the business process, or to develop your food business, to the next stage of performance,  this suits both the long or short-term food business operators.

However, the FSSAI adds the value to the food business.

FSSAI Registration complete process

STEP 1: Fill in the application; give all the essential details regarding the business details.

STEP 2: Fill the form A for getting food license and the form B for the fssai registration.

STEP 3: The getting of the approval varies from 7 days to more than 30 days.

It depends on the verification process, some may get the license quickly, while others get faster…

Step 4: The FSSAI registration process requires some important certifications.

They are

Any Identity proof with your photograph,  address proof, passport size photograph, MoA, AoA of the business, and all the required documents…

Before registering , have the complete documents with you to make the registering process easier.

Who need this food license?

The Food license is in need for the peoples who have food businesses from small scale to large scale, petty restaurant keepers.

Anyhow, their annual turnover may be a minimum of 12lakhs/day or more than 12 lakhs.

The range of the food business may be small or large.

Even, the quantity, price, varies from small restaurants to large restaurants. But the food product should have high quality, there should be no sacrifice in food quality.

In the same vein, the quality is not only for restaurants, but it’s even for the retailers, traders. And everyone related to this business.

Some of the categories are

Manufacturing of food and food materials

Food retailer and traders

The food materials packaging industry

Food preserving or storage industry

The restaurants, small motels, hotels

Food delivers, imports exports.

Moreover, who are all involved in the business of the food.

Types of food license

There are certain types of food license are there in India

Basic , state, central – these three are the complete types of license list

The FSSAI registration is the food license needs for the peoples who are earning less than 12 lakhs/yr.

Fssai state license is for the people who are getting the turnover of more than 12lakhs comes under this category.

The exception is here that if the hotels more than 3 stars or 5 stars, they need to apply for the state food fssai license.

The central license is applicable for the higher scale business and the profit is more than 20 Crores.

All food packages needs to have the 14 digit code and the license number.

The number and the logo will be printed on the packages of the food materials.

The food products are issued without the fssai are illegal, therefore, the food products must have fssai logo.

If the products you sell to the customers do not meet the act of act 2006 and don’t have the FSSAI, then it will come under penalty. So there are chances of canceling the license also.

The FSSAI license validity period values for 1 to 5years. The license needs to renew within 30 days before the date of expiry. If you did not do the renewal process properly, then you will get the fine of rupees 100/day.

Guideliness of FSSAI

Moerover, there are some gudliness/ rules are there for the FSSAI

They are

In the food packages, the license number and as well the logo need to be printed with a contrast pattern color.

The food packages must meet all the rules that are formulated for the food processing, packaging sectors.

By the way, the food and the food factors involved in the food business must obey the rules and regulations paved for the food delivery, manufacturing, processing, trading, and more…

It’s your duty to deliver the quality food your peoples and to generate the healthy nation.

Creating a healthy nation is not just an easy task.

When all the food creators, from the one who seeds the plant to the one who delivers food materials, need to do an honest job.

Then only we can they all must deliver the well and good product to the people.

Final words

Finally, I conclude that the food delivers, creators and all involves in this food business, must have the fssai registration and the license.

Moreover, this guide give you an complete overview about the registration.

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Thank you for spending your valuable time with us.